"First. Some other guy with MY name has Dennis so I was forced  to go with Dennis Michael. Since 2014 I have changed my website to, but I use Dennis Michael for everything related to the Soulitude release.  Just Sayin".
 Dennis, while born in Portland OR, spent most of his younger life moving from city to city as is customary with a military family. "Some people live their whole lives in a single area, but I liked the idea of knowing something new was coming and.""I didn't really have a choice  now did I?"  The same concept is reflected in his musical taste. "I am always looking for a new artist to draw from, whether musically or in the writing. His 2014 release of the EP "Soulitude"  reflects that eclectic taste while his smooth vocals are the consistent instrument throughout the  album. 
The Dennis Michael Band fell apart in 2015 due to typical drama and he then decided to concentrate his efforts on upgrading his guitar skills. "I was somewhat disappointed by some of the guitar I recorded for Soulitude. I never had a lesson and all I know is self taught and while it gives me a unique style, I was having a tough time articulating the notes. I threw away my pick and basically started over! Very humbling."  Dennis says he is making progress but not yet to a place where he can perform songs using finger style and sing with conviction. "I intend to reserve 2017 for refining my playing and singing so I can put together a new band and begin writing songs again."  We look forward to seeing you under the lights again soon Dennis! Thanks for your time.