Musician. Singer/Songwriter
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Ok, Lately. I suck. Life keeps getting in the way. Wah!!!  I have been working on music in so many ways ...refining my guitar skills by watching 12 year olds on youtube, "jamming" with lots of players, a fun thing to do but without a format, without a goal, it's just a jam that is never heard or appreciated outside of that small circle. Nonetheless, I love it. My goal has been to become a true solo artist who can handle the role of singer and guitarist without compromise to either. Ok...that's not happening. BUT...I am getting better at the compromise that is balancing the two skills. So...did I say I have no shows lined up right now? That's just silly! Of course I do.  I have been recently playing with ....ok. No BS. I got nothing. I will put on a local Houston show before  we wrap up 2019. Please stay tuned and thank you all for your patience. I beleive it will pay off! Peace



Writing something new...

I am convinced life will soon allow me to put the time into recording some new material. I have so much written but have not been in a position to record lately. I am going to have to relearn what little I knew about engineering! I prefer to just play guitar and sing, write and perform but I am putting together a new band to perform this new material for awhile. I am hoping this will make the recording portion of the project better. Allowing the songs to breathe. Change. Improve. It's a luxury but if I can find some dedicated local musicians, we can do it. Gonna have to cover some songs as well if we expect to play many clubs and stay in the area. Ultimately, the songs will be released. Hang in there fans and friends!